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Can Visa be replaced?

After the payment system of Visa went down at the beginning of June, millions of people in Europe and partially in the USA could not pay for any products or services. This has again provoked a discussion about introducing decentralized paying systems.

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International tycoons – do they really need Blockchain?

No one seems to be surprised with the constant presence of social media in out lives. In many cases they are becoming the tool for our work, not just source of entertainment. Moreover, I think this will be growing even bigger in the nearest future.

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Blockchain and social media

Who of us doesn’t like to spend some worthless time on Facebook? Or lose yourself in watching funny kittens on Youtube? Or even better – spy on your friends and celebrities watching their Instastory?

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Cryptos in the Joint Economic Report

On March 13th the American Congress has devoted 1 chapter to Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the annual financial report for the first time in history.

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Variability – attribute of cryptocurrencies

When I talk to newbies in the crypto world or people who are wondering about entering into that business, I often hear about their doubts connected with instability of the market. This is surely one of the reasons of their hesitation. But – no risk, no fun. And no profit.

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A new quality in making money online

Today there’s something special on the blog! I’ve written about BitClubie several times and there is a separate lap at the top of my blog about it. But there also is a brand new possibility to make even more money with Bitclub! And I’m goinna tell you about it in today’s post.

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Monday Cryptonews #15


Due to some days off and some havoc the last Monday Cryptonews was present… on the 18th December. Today, everything goes back to normal, so here it is – a grasp of news!

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Women, where are you?

cryptocurrencies and woman

If you participate in the world of making money online for some time, especially in the world of cryptocurrencies, you’ve surely noticed that there are much more men tahn women there. The question is: WHY?

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October’s smash – BitcoinZ!


On Wednesday I talked about new cryptocurrency that is called Metronome, and today I’m going to present you something much more interesting in my opinion. I can write a little bit more about it than about Metronome because this crypto has already been released. So get ready for something brand new – bitcoinz.

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Metronome – new crypto on the horizon

metronome coin

One of the main developers of Segwit2x, Jeff Garzik, has officialy stated that he is currently working on a new project – creating a brand new cryptocurrency.

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