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Women, where are you?

cryptocurrencies and woman

If you participate in the world of making money online for some time, especially in the world of cryptocurrencies, you’ve surely noticed that there are much more men tahn women there. The question is: WHY?

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October’s smash – BitcoinZ!


On Wednesday I talked about new cryptocurrency that is called Metronome, and today I’m going to present you something much more interesting in my opinion. I can write a little bit more about it than about Metronome because this crypto has already been released. So get ready for something brand new – bitcoinz.

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Metronome – new crypto on the horizon

metronome coin

One of the main developers of Segwit2x, Jeff Garzik, has officialy stated that he is currently working on a new project – creating a brand new cryptocurrency.

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And Bitcoin still goes up…

bitcoin up

In the past hour we witnessed another bitcoin’s all-time-high.

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Decrease after decrease…


In the last few hours we witnessed an incredible gallopade of bitcoin (and other cryptos as well). But as it usually happens, after the increase there must be a decrease – do today is the day.

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Monday Cryptonews #5

cryptonews #5

3, 2, 1… the Monday news are already here!

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Sex for Bitcoins

sex for bitcoins

The whole ICO society grows bigger every day and that results in the more interest in cryptocurrencies. in many fields of a daily life. As it turns out you can buy an orgasm with bitcoins.

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Bitcoin’s frenzy


Bitcoin has gone mad. This is offcial. But are we really surprised with its value?

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Bitcoin’s hard fork

Bitcoin’s users who owned it before 1st August 2017, already had an opportunity to witness a hard fork of this crypto. Exactly on 1st of August there was a split and bitcoin core and bitcoin cash was developed. ANother hard fork is planned to be performed on 25th October 2017. There will be a new bitcoin – bitcoin gold (BTG), and in November developers plan to have another, probably the last this year fork.

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