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Sex for Bitcoins

sex for bitcoins

The whole ICO society grows bigger every day and that results in the more interest in cryptocurrencies. in many fields of a daily life. As it turns out you can buy an orgasm with bitcoins.

Among 40 selected trades and services in the whole world, those connected with sex are always in the TOP 20. Accroding to the ranking prepared by an American blog Business Punditprostitution is second behind the drugs and before the arms. The porn business is in the 5th place, the famous columbian porn in the 18th, and the girls webcams in the 19th. As you see, you can always make money on sex.

The porn business is in bloom all around the world; only in the USA it moves no less than 108 billion dollars annually. Due to the fact that this industry is not legal everywhere, so using blockchain here seems like a good idea for both sides – the customer and the provider. Using cryptocurencies for paying assures privacy and anonymity.

An example here is, which is sexService, a dating platform using the blockchain technology as a payment method.

Not only prostitution tries to use the new payment solutions. Also businessmen who deal with pornography have sensed a real deal. Due to the fact that the porno market growns mainly online, so it is hard to define its incomes but it is believed that last year the total profit was about 197 billion dollars. It won’t be a surprise when we take into consideration the fact that every  second 100 000 people are watching porn.

Airporn is the first website in the world which offers “adult entertainment” and is supported by blockchain. You can anonymously buy and sell porn there, it does not even require a registration. There are no ads there, the site is transparent, and the payment system is safe and quick. What do we need more?

Livestars on the other hand decided to fill a space on the streaming services market. The platform is of course dedicated for adults who want to watch live sex no matter time and distance, with no commitment. It is a great opportunity for girls who earn for life that way because no pimps are engaged (the wallets are connected directly with the provider.

And what do you think about using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payment in sex industry? Is it what the new technologies were created for? In my opinion if there already are some services using those solutions, it means that there was demand for it, so the market has found an answer for it.


sex for bitcoins

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