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Monday Cryptonews #5

cryptonews #5

3, 2, 1… the Monday news are already here!

1. Divisions of cryptocurrencies seem to be more and more popular. Today at about 1 PM there has been a hard fork for ethereum – the fifth fork in the history of this crypto. The last one took place alomost a year ago and since then the value of ethereum has risen up to 3,000%. The current fork has a noble name of Byzantium and is consedered to be a half of the Metropolis protocole of ethereum which has been planned since 2015. Moreover, the ethereum’s developers intend to perform 9 such actions (the next one called Constantinople is scheduled for 2018). All of that aims in assuring better security, scalability and privacy for the users. I’m really curious how it will affect the coin’s price in the future.


2. The head of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, has spoken up in the field of cryptocurrencies. He gave an interview for CNBC in which he supported the blockchain technology, but simultaneously he spoke quite carefully if not skeptically about bitcoin. Kim, as he says, is worried about exploitation of this crypto – supposedly he meant the explosion of the financial bubble. At the same time he comapred bitcoin to the Chinese Alibaba project (a platform selling products directly from the Chinese factories to the whole world). He claimed that transactions of 160 000 dollars take few seconds there and the company is able to evaluate the transaction’s creditworthiness in the same time. This is why, according to the head of the World Bank, bitcoin is a redundant tool since the older solutions are good as well.

3. Russians, as it often is, try to demonstate their power but this time Vladimir Putin himself has suprised us with a baffling idea. As the Russian AIF agency says, during a closed meeting between the Russian president and political elite of Moscow, Putin ordered to emit a national cryptocurrency – cryptoruble. The details of the meeting have been diclosed by the Russian  Minister of Communications and Mass Media, Nikolai Nikiforov. As he claims, the cryptoruble is to be emitted “soon” because Russian authorities feel the pressure of other euroasian countries and are afraid that they may be overtaken in creating their own national cryptocurrency.


This is all for today as far as the news from the crypto world is concerned. We’ll see each other next week with fresh information! And the next post on the blog will be here in just two days, this is on Wednesday. to da Moon!

source: cryptonew.pl, cryptocoinsnews.com


cryptonews #5

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