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And Bitcoin still goes up…

bitcoin up

In the past hour we witnessed another bitcoin’s all-time-high.

According to what has been seen on the CoinDesk proce index, bitcoin has made another record this month. Its price has indicated 6,003,81 dollars and has bitten the record from 13th October (exactly a week ago).

The charts show that in the past hour the price has risen up for about 200 dollars. Earlier that day, the price was flactuated round 5,697 dollars. At this very moment of writing, is shows 5,968 dollars.

Two of of the largest cryptocurrencies exchanges in the world, Bitfinex and Bithumb, have shown that the price has crossed 6,000 dollars. It affects the bitcoin’s market cap which is worth 99,5 billion dollars right now.

Regular increase may suggest that the price of bitcoin will grow even more. Up today we can observe that the price rises 9% per week. The investors’ interest has also grown bigger now only with bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies as well. That impacts regular and rather stable growth which can be observed in the chart below.


bitcoin up


Simultaneously, I’d like to remind you that although the bitcoin price and its current situation are very luring, you still should remember about to be cautious in the next days – before and after the forthcoming hard fork. It is crucial to transfer your resources from the exchange you use to your personal wallet, and not to make any transactions near the 25th October.


bitcoin up

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