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Japanese and South Korean exchanges ready for the Bitcoin hard fork

btg fork

Japan and South Korea has done their job and their cryptocurrencies exchanges are ready for the upcoming bitcoin fork. How is that? You’ll find out in today’s post.


Seven Japanese and two South Korean exchanges have already given their announcements conserning their politics during the bitcoin hard fork planned for the next Wednesday (25th October). Some of them will enable the distribution of coins, some will follow the wait-and-see approach.


Japanese exchanges


  1. Bitflyer – the biggest Japanese exchange by volume has stated that its users will be credited with an amount of bitcoin gold corresponding to the amount of bitcoin in their accounts – if a person owns 2,3 BTC, he/she will get 2,3 BTG. Moreover, the platform does not foresees any delays during the split.
  2. Coincheck – this exchange also does not plan any suspension of the service on the 25th October. However, the BTG situation here is not as clear as it’s supposed to be. The service claims that they plan to use BTG not until it is completely safe and stable, but it does not give any precise date.
  3. Bitpoint – the exchange assures that it will benefit its users with bitcoin gold but most probably not righ away – if the new bitcoin will be not stable and not resistant to hackers attacks, the whole process will be suspended.
  4. GMO coin – investors will be awarded with BTG but the exchange said also that for the time being, selling and buying of the new crypto won’t be possible. Moreover, on 25th October at about 20 PM there may occure some interruption on the platform.
  5. Zaif
  6. Fisco
  7. Bitbank


The three last exchanges are the ones that are not going to reward the users with extra bitcoins gold those who keep bitcoins there. As the three platforms claim, it is caused by i.a. the incomplete code of BTG.

At the same time they claim that when they’ll be sure about the new cryptocurency they will reconsider introducing BTG in their services.


South Korean Exchanges 


  1. Coinone – the second largest South Korean exchange has made its announcement last week. But the resolution is quite enigmatic because there is only information that the platform will surely support the development of bitcoin gold. There wasn’t much talk about BTG, they rather focused on Segwit2x. Besides, Coinoneforesees some short breaks during the split.
  2. Coinnest – this exchange has claimed the total support for bitcoin gold as well as for Segwit2x. The services assurex that they have completed all of the technical actions preparing for the hard fork thanks to which the users of the forth biggest exchange in South Korea will be rewarded with BTG.


Until now, the first and third biggest South Korean exchanges, Bithumb and Korbit, have not presented any announcements conserning the fork.

And what do you think – is the caution of some platform reasonable? Or maybe it will only discourage some users and make them transfer their coins to competiotion Let me know in the comments below.


btg fork

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