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Metronome – new crypto on the horizon

metronome coin

One of the main developers of Segwit2x, Jeff Garzik, has officialy stated that he is currently working on a new project – creating a brand new cryptocurrency.

As the Bloomberg television informs. the new crypto is to be called Metronome and althoguh it might be associated with the bitcoin’s fork, but it won’t be the effect of the split but a separate coin. According to Matthew Roszak, the coin will be the only one with the oportunity to “jump” from one blockchain to another. In case of the instable usage or conflicts between developers of a given blockchain, it will be possible to move your metronome coins elsewhere. In compliance with Roszak’s words, Metronome is supposed to be the coin of the millenium, somethng which investors awaited for a very long time. Garzwik says, that the coin is planned to be released after the fork planned on 18th November.

Moreover, Garzwik claims that right now bitcoin is facing many dangers connected with more and more forks. His statement is rather strange, since he himself is a part of the divisions, being the main Segwit2x developer.

Metronome, according to the official anouncement is introduced with ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The initial amount of coins is 10 million, out of which 8 million is about to be distributed through ICO. The remaining 2 million will be dealt with by Bloq (Garzik is the CEO). The incomes will be stopped then and used in order to increase to price of the new currency. Later, MTN will be regularly “emitted” with the average annual rate of 2%. In order to provide fluency (as Bloq claims), all of the ICO incomes will remain inside the intelligent smart contract of Metronome.


And what do you think about creating another coin? Will Metronome be worth taking into consideration? Will it be stable and safe enough to threaten bitcoin? It seems that Garzik and Roszak make much ado about nothing but as always it is reasonable to take a look at new cryptocurrencies on the market.


metronome coin

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