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Women, where are you?

cryptocurrencies and woman

If you participate in the world of making money online for some time, especially in the world of cryptocurrencies, you’ve surely noticed that there are much more men tahn women there. The question is: WHY?

Those observations are confirmed with a recent survey of 2,000 Americans. The results are clear-cut – the division is prominent – less than 4% among bitcoin users are female. The research show that twice as many men own or have owned bitcoin and are almost three times as likely as women to buy bitcoin in the next five years. Males also have more positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies than women (17% versus 7%).

Technological industries are dominated by men for many years – it is no difference in the case of cryptoworld. In order to be able to understand the blockchain technology and follow the usage of cryptocurrencies, you need some technical knowledge which is a domani of men, rather than women.

I don’t think it is necessary to convince anyone to that the more people are aware of cryptocurrencies (no matter the sex), the better. Bitcoin cannot be considered to be a global payment system if it does not include half of the population. On the one hand, no one stops women from investing in cryptos, but on the other, no much is done to change it.

There’s a vast number of moms, sisters, girlfriends, and colleagues out there with high disposable income and a love for all things internet. This presents a huge business opportunity for whoever can figure out a way to get these women into bitcoin and to get bitcoin into their everyday lives. Because bitcoin is amazing. It removes monetary control from governments, enhances privacy, and gives individuals financial freedom. And that’s something that every man and woman on this planet deserves to experience.

And what in your opinion stops women from participating in making money online? Or maybe quite the opposite, you know some women who have sucessfully done it? Let me know!


source: news.bitcoin.com


cryptocurrencies and woman

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