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A new quality in making money online

Today there’s something special on the blog! I’ve written about BitClubie several times and there is a separate lap at the top of my blog about it. But there also is a brand new possibility to make even more money with Bitclub! And I’m goinna tell you about it in today’s post.

At the very beginning of my adventure with BitClub Network, zakupiłem na trzech kontach trzy pełne pakiety minigowe za 3,500 dolarów każdy (czyli w każdym pula za 500, 1000 i 2000 dolarów). I’ve bought three full mining pools on three accounts, 3,500$ each (that means there is a 500$, 1000$ and 2000$ minig pool in every single package)

But at the end of January there occured new possibility in making money online – a real revolution! On January 19th, most succesful people in Internet business in Poland started a company named B3TEAM. But what do we get from it?

Every one of us may learn from the best ones and the professionals will be our wingmen if you decide to create an account under the B3TEAM. In order to get the best place there, namely directly under the company’s accounts, you should act quickly. I already have five accounts there (so now I own eight BitClub accounts) and I bought one mining pool on each of them (for now). In the near future I’m planning to buy FounderVip package for 8,500$ – it is a combination of FounderGPU and FounderBTC, In this case, you get three mining pools (500$, 1000$ and 2000$) for BTC mining and five pools for ethereum, monero, ethereum classic, zcash or dash mining pools.

It’s just a beginning of the whole idea but I already see a great potential of it particularly when I see how involved all the B3TEAM leaders are and how efficiently they recommend.

The company of course ensures some extra bonuses for those who decide to cowork with them, e.g. COMPLETELY FREE exotic trips or new cars. I know personally mosy of the B3TEAM founders and I follow them online for years; that’s why I’m sure it’s gonna be a great success!

Don’t wait and become a part of history today!



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