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Blockchain and social media

Who of us doesn’t like to spend some worthless time on Facebook? Or lose yourself in watching funny kittens on Youtube? Or even better – spy on your friends and celebrities watching their Instastory?

Social media are nested in our daily lives for good and it does not seem to change in the future. Buy if it does it would happen thanks to Blockchain technology.

A platform based on this technology aims at increasing income of the so called social media through eliminating brokers.

I mean a quite new phenomenon – ‘influencers’ – people who have something to say in the Internet. And against all appearances there are millions of them all over the world. The main idea is to establish administration which will help fans and users to easy cooperate with their favourite b/vlogers. Patron company is focused on ‘microinvestors’ – creators who concentrate on niche topics. Despite lower popularity they have got an extraordinary value due to their high involvement indicator.

The most recent case is a a contract signed between Patron and fintech BANKEX. This agreement is extremely significant in case of blog advertising because the newest BANKEX’s technology will help to implement most resistant marketing products based on Blockchain to the market.

Moreover, BANKEX hopes that focusing on Blockchain may help clarify blog advertising since everyone can enjoy the benefits of ‘more transparent prices’ – both fans and creators.

And what is even better, anyone can become a part of this project. Every single person all over the world has the opportunity to connect with local influencers who can work internationally and have no language barrier.

Patron Internet app has been released in February and the mobile app is going to be available in June.

Patron’s ICO started on March 27th and its final version is planned for April 26th. The company’s limit is 40 million dollars.

Right now, the CEOs perform all over the world in order to spread information about their project – they organize conferences in Dubai, Hongkong, the USA and Japan, where they come from.

source: cointelegraph.com


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