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How to begin

If you’ve been thinking about having your own adventure with earning online, I’ve got a few tips for you which will definitely help you to avoid the most common mistakes made by people who try to earn on the Internet for the first time:

1. Forums and opinions – take it with a pinch of salt

At the beginning I’d like to warn you about opinions written on various forums – they are usually posted by people who have never been earning online or they just somehow became discouraged. Veyr often they did not make a proper research and decided to put their money into so called shitcoins and (what a surprise!) lost their contribution. Sometimes they are just very young people who after paying in hundred bucks have a chip on the shoulder cause they are not millioners yet so they backbite the cryptos. Of course they are some upright opinions as well, but they are rather rare.

2. Find a fine leader/sponsor

It’s best to find a sponsor or leader (call it whatever you want) who will show you how to deal with cryptocurrencies stocks, tell you which wallet to choose for a particular crypto, the one who has experience and has earned more than he has invested (congrats! You’ve got me!). This person will tell you where to virtually meet both beginners and the more experienced guys who share their knowledge about earning online. There usually are private gropus on facebook where you can find a lot of honest infos and where you’ll feel that you’re not crazy cause you want to make money this way. There is more of us!

3. Be patient. Be consistent.

You should be really patient. It is one of the most imporant features because people who are not patirnet enough often lose their savings and have no idea how much would have they gained. It is strictly connected to the first point and the resentful ones who are outraged because they haven’t earned in the first month. Be ready – ou will not make money in the forst, not even in the third month (unless you want to win pennies instead of real money).

4. Do your own thing. Simple as that.

You shoud be ready for the fact that your friends and family will not accept what you. Although it is known for some time now that it is possible to earn on the Internet, many people still consider this as something new and elusive (elusive? only in your head). Quite often your kins will try to persuade you not to put in any money ’cause ‘you’ll never the the money again’, ‘it’s all fake’ and so on, and forth. And you know what? They might be right. Out of, let’s say, hundred cryptocurrencies, three-five will be the ones which are truly profitable. But as I’ve already said, you’ve got your own leader/sponsor and your support group to help you distinguish the shitcoins and to assist you while having doubts.

All right… The first steps are done. 1- if you are reading this that means you do not look for infos on some doubtfuk forums, 2 – you found ME!, 3 – if you haven’t already done it, I hope you’ll contact me after reading this, 4 – you’re still here so you have hope and the attitude! It’s high time for some concrete stuff, so…

How to start earning on the Internet

At the very beginning , in order to get to know hw it works, you should create an account on a cryptocurrencies market. It will allow you to buy Bitcoin (the main crypto) and other cryptocurrencies (called alts) in the future.

There is a crypto stock market that has got its own banking machines, out of which you can cash out your coins into your own currency (e.g. dollars) – the stock is called BitBay.

After signing up on https://bitbay.net/ you can choose two options: mining cryptocurrencies that will let you get your cryptos or trading them. Mining can be further distinguished into mining ‘in the cloud’, mining with your own hardware and staking.

I definitely dissuade trading because you can loose your savings pretty fast. If need be, you may buy a particular crypto and keep it for years (after advising some experienced person before). Then, after some time it may occur that your investment has multiplied several times. Nevertheless, I think this is not a propitious option for people who would like to have a regular income.

There are several noteworthy mining pools which allow you to buy their hashpower. Thanks to that you don’t have to keep the hardware at your place – that is really important becasue the machines use much electricity and generate excessive heat and loud noise. Another signifcant thing is the availability (or actually lack of it) of graphics cards which are necessary to build such a hardware. This is why the waiting period is quite long and you’d have to wait to start earning much longer than if you’d choose buying hashpower.

Personally, I recommend two mining pools which I’ll describe in separate posts on my blog. They are Genesis Mining and BitClub Network.

You can sign up right now and write to me – I’ll help you to buy your first hashpower.

Registration links:
Genesis Mining – http://bit.ly/rejestracja_gm
BitClub Network – http://bit.ly/rejestracja_bcn