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Mining pools

BitClub Network

BitClub Network started in September 2014 and in contrast to other platforms like that BitClub is not owned by a particular person; the network is created by a group of diversified experts who take care of quality of their services.

Over the last 3 years they managed to build a global network for people dealing with cryptocurrencies. In the same time 50 000 bitcoins and 250 000 etherums were mined thanks to BitClub – all of the cryptos have been shared back to the members of the BitClub Network.

In BitClub, you can earn money by buying hashpower for bitcoin worth 500$ -3 500$. We also can get the hashpower for other digital cryptocurrencies such as dash, ethereum, ethereum classic, monero and zcash – in that case, the cost will be 1 000$ or 5 000$.

Apart from the standard hashpower purchase you may earn on recommendations as well. Each and every member can build his/her own binary tree thanks to which he/she will be able to make more money. When you reach 15 points on the left and right side of the tree you’ll get a 200$ payout (the whole process is repeatable).

Why BitClub:

  • zero mining fees
  • fast pay outs with debit card
  • better stats and user experience
  • prizes to miners
  • hardware is at a remote location (i.a. in Iceland) so you don’t have to deal with excessive heat or loud noise

Free registration: http://bit.ly/rejestracja_bcn



Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining was founded at the end of 2013 as a buy and sell bitcoin platform. Due to the diversity of the founders and their liking for cryptos GM is now one of th biggest mining pools in the world.

Similar to BitClub, Genesis Mining allowa you to earn by buying hashpower from them and mining cryptocurrencies.

Right now you can purchase hashpower for ethereum and monero but on 31st October it will be possible to buy hashpower for bitcon again. What is really important on GM is the fact that you do not have to spend much money at the beginning – 30$ is more than enough.

It will be no surprise that in GM you also make money on recommending so it is crucial to find your own leader/sponsor (me for instance).

Why GM:

  • minimal input at the beginning is only 30$
  • one-time price of purchasing the contract
  • you start mining immediately
  • 100% green energy
  • GM guarantees 100% uptime and covers systems downtimes by using their own miners
  • hardware is at a remote location (i.a. in Iceland) so you don’t have to deal with excessive heat or loud noise

Free registration: http://bit.ly/rejestracja_gm