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The Chinese escape

japonia vs chiny

I’ve already written about the latest Chinese incidents which had a huge impact on bitcoin’s and other cryptocurrencies’ prices. Namely, two biggest in China and one of the biggest cryptocurrency markets in the world, Okcoin and Houbi, have officialy suspended the cryptos payouts (bitcoins and litecoins) after the control performed by the People’s Bank of China. But every cloud has a silver lining.

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Monday cryptonews #1


Today’s post starts a series of new texts on the blog. Every Monday I’ll publish some selected crypto news just for you! Ready? Let’s go!

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BitClub Network – mining without miners

bitclub network opinions

BitClub is the first of two mining pools which I’d like to present you. In today’s post I’ll tell you what BitClub is and I hope it will encourage you to register there – it’s worth it!

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Cryptocurrencies sale!


The last few days on the cryptocurrency stock markets are tough ones and can make you feel a little bit nervous. But I’m not. I am convinced that all this is just a passing decline – not the first nor the last. Dealing with cryptos you should be ready for such downfalls, this is an inherent part of this business. I, on the other hand, try to look on the bright side and share my good mood with you guys.

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Way to another great success!


My name’s Arkadiusz Łytka and since this is my first post on this webpage it would be reasonable to present what will be published here. #CRYPTOROCKER is a place where I’ll show you ways to make money online and I’ll describe the most noteworthy coins. Besides, I’ll try to warn you from the basic mistakes made by the beginners.

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