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Russia falls for cryptos

bitcoin in russia

I’ve already written on the blog that Russia has been interested in Asian investors and invited them to talk. But the Russians want to make another step further and want to use the cryptocurrency market and its possibilities suitably.

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Monday Cryptonews #3

cryptonews monday #3

As every week, today in cryptonews the most recent info from the crypto world. Let’s go!

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Bitcoin – 21st century gold?

bitcoin gold

For hundreds of years gold is considered as the best financial hedge. It does not loose its value inspite of so many markets maelstroms, wars or inflation. Is bitcoin able to start competing with this particular precious metal?

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Facebook group #CRYPTOROCKER


In todays post I have got a short information for all of you that are connected with my activities on facebook. I’ve decided to create, especially for you, two groups that will be realted to cryptocurrencies and making money on them.

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Bitcoin wallets – how to choose the best one

bitcoin wallests

Today we leave the news and focus on choosing the best online wallet for keeping your bitcoins (or any other cryptocurrency). It a very important issue since it is crucial to protect your private key and consequently our money. This is why I’m going to shw you some clues and noteworthy wallets thai as I hope will help you in making a good decision.

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Monday Cryptonews #2

monday cryptonews

As I promised last week, I present some more news today about cryptocurrencies and making money online, like every Monday. Shall we begin?

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Genesis Mining – start mining with 30$ only

genesis mining opinions

Today I’m presenting another, after BitClub, noteworthy mining pool –  Genesis Mining. In a moment you’ll find out how to imake money with GM and which coins to mine. Besides, at the very end of the post, there’s a suprise for you!

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The ABC’s of cryptocurrencies

kryptowaluty cryptorocker

Many people visiting my blog are quite new in the world of cryptocurrencies and making money online (what is reall good!). Because of that I decided to make it easier for them at the very beggining. Today I’m adding a post cointaining couple of definitions that might be useful. Go down and grab it!

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The Chinese escape

japonia vs chiny

I’ve already written about the latest Chinese incidents which had a huge impact on bitcoin’s and other cryptocurrencies’ prices. Namely, two biggest in China and one of the biggest cryptocurrency markets in the world, Okcoin and Houbi, have officialy suspended the cryptos payouts (bitcoins and litecoins) after the control performed by the People’s Bank of China. But every cloud has a silver lining.

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Monday cryptonews #1


Today’s post starts a series of new texts on the blog. Every Monday I’ll publish some selected crypto news just for you! Ready? Let’s go!

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